Hetalia dating sim game

19-Oct-2017 09:25

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For those who don't know, Hetalia is a manga (and an anime) in which all of the characters are actually countries, so their personalities are based on national stereotypes.

If the thought of dating an entire country intimidates you, just think of him as an extremely polite hockey-fan and you'll be fine.

""I don't think our gender matters much here," Spain seemed oddly calm. "Everyone just needs to pair up with "Continuing on," Germany cleared his throat, drowning out the muffled noises a certain tied-up nation was making. " America moved Japan out of the way and kicked the door open. The twintails are a nice touch by the way.""Naturally," Prussia placed his arms on his hips as a smug expression came onto his face.

"Judging by that 30 we found, we have 30 days to p-p-pair up!

Help Romano figure out where he is and help him retrieve his memory.

Japan, for instance, is shown to be a polite and hardworking character who is a bit of a recluse.

The imaginative world of truly comes alive when depicting the historical and cultural milestones.

Author: Anicosu Availability: Free, Online Format: Dating Sim Genre: Fan Work, Anthropomorphism Rating: E (Deviant Art vesion) / M (Newgrounds version) Found at Note: this review will only cover (and link to) the all-ages version.

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Writing: 3 Art: 4.9 Gameplay: 3 Romance: 2.5 ("Cute!The mission is to get everyone together and gain a deeper understanding of the various cultures. is one of the most interesting anime shows in terms of its concept. Yes, a real nation, like Russia or the United States or England.

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