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No: xxxxx, x hereinafter referred to as the «Seller» re­presented by Mr. Should the Seller’s nominated vessel arrive before the agreed unloading window, the Buyer will take all measures in its power to effect the unloading of the said vessel as promptly as possible, but the computation of lay time will start only on of the first day of loading window or upon the actual berthing of this vessel, whichever occurs first. Any demurrage caused by the buyer is for the buyer’s account and if caused by the seller is for the seller’s account.

Documentary Letter of Credit (L/C): This means an Internationally recognized Banking instrument issued by a leading bank and offered as International means of Payment for Goods or Services between the Buyer and the Seller according to details contained within this contractual document. In accordance with the terms of this contract, the Title to the Goods and all the risk of loss shall pass to the Buyer as the product passes the vessel’s permanent hose connection (outturn flange) at the port of unloading. The quantity and quality of the Goods delivered by the Seller and accepted by the Buyer will be final as ascertained at the unloading port, which should be performed in accordance with the standards and methods currently in force at port of unloading. In case that additional testing is requested the requesting party shall pay for such additional testing. Accordingly, the Buyer warrants that all vessels nominated to carry the cargo shall be enrolled in PANDI and the Seller warrants that they are members of CRISTAL LIMITED or, if not, that they will immediately become members of CRISTAL LIMITED.