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16-Nov-2017 06:41

Please remember that just because your ‘cold sore’ is on your genitals, you do not have to date only other people with ‘cold sores on the genitals’.Also, when reading posts in the forums or chatrooms, please be aware that once people get over their concerns and are happy again, they are unlikely to come back and put a post saying ‘I’m cheerful and over it – you don’t need to be miserable’ are they?Remember that our website exists specifically because so much misleading information has been put about.

This year marks nine years since the HPV vaccine was introduced in the UK.

There is currently no reliable way to test for HPV in men.

One in 135 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer during their lifetime whereas just one in 795 men will be diagnosed with anal cancer, so purely based on statistics, the high street vaccine may appeal more to women than men.“The human papillomavirus vaccination offers one of the best forms of protection against cervical cancer.

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