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17-Sep-2017 04:58

I wrote this as an experiment to learn Ruby in 2005. This makes things a little hairy when you want to have one character monologuing, but Spittoon tries to figure it out. To create a new panel, simply re-use a character name. A great source for free and commercial comic fonts is Blambot Comic Fonts.

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Students attach html code in their message (like image link and changing font size and the like)they input html tags, same thing will appear not interprting the said html code.

Spittoon picks variations at random and sometimes they simply don't work. (Yes, I know this isn't great, but I had always planned on running this from a terminal where I could re-run the command easily.) I called them "specs" because originally they were YAML files of "chat specifications." This became a pain in the ass so I created a simpler but more magical text format.

Narration is possible, meaning you can include a rectangular chat balloon which isn't pointing toward anyone. I am not actively using or maintaining Spittoon, but I welcome your patches.

Dear Genner, This can be fixed by modifying the strip_tags_more function in your moodle directory/mod/chat/file.

We've known this was coming for a few months now, but the end of chatting on the main Facebook app is nigh.They only show this narrow strip if the browser is not wide enough, but luckily there is a simple solution to get the old fully expanded chatbar, with your friends names visible, back, and that work wtih FBP’s chat customization options.